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now good morning maryland at 9:00. it is tuesday, september 21. thanks for joining us at 9:00, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. welcome in. we are getting ready for our extreme makeover. it's going to be a great show coming up on sunday. >> it was such a cool thing, wasn't it? that big reveal, that big surprise that happened and all the dramatic weather they had. it is going to be a great story. i can't wait to see the show on sunday. >> we'll have a pregame show on at 6:00 followed by the real show at 7:00. we are looking forward to that. we are looking forward to -- did you hear what the zoo is doing on fridays? great idea. we'll share what they're doing here in a couple minutes. >> cool thing is, they bring an interesting guest. all right, also today, breast cancer awareness month is next month and you know, we are going to be talking more and more about it. just up the road, the cancer
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treatment center of america, they have oncology rehab, which is not something you hear about a lot in the process of overcoming cancers. we will hear about who it is helpful for. >> dr. adler is here and we will talk about cad cateracks. all right, now we will move on to today's hot topic. this is an interesting one. this is a landmark in the history of food. the government is considering whether to allow the sale of food from genetically altered animals. a company basically tinkered with the material, salomon, so the fish can reach homes sooner. the big question this morning, is it safe? here is abc's lisa stark. >> it looks like any other salmon, but they hope to keep it off your dinner plate. here's the difference. they are 18 months old, but the larger genetically engineered salmon grows twice as fast as
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the regular salmon. >> this is the first genetically engineered animal that would be introduced to the food supply, so it's a big deal. >> scientists found that adding genetic material from a pacific salmon helps them grow around the clock. >> this fish is indistinguishable. >> how can you say it's indistinguishable when it has a different genetic makeup? >> it looks the same and tastes the same. >> scientists today agreed. >> aqua advantaged salmon is atlantic salmon and food is as safe as food from other atlantic salmon. > critics claim more studies are needed on how the fish may affect humans. what happens if they make it out into the wild? would they breed with native salmon? would tray crowd out the wild fish? the company insists there are safeguards. >> they are all sterile and
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raised in physically contained facilities. >> opponents say there's no guarantee all the fish will be sterile. and there's already one case study on how the plans can arrive. conola plants were genetically engineered to be resistant to weed killer. the problem, their seeds have migrated from the company farms, carried by the wind and perhaps by trucks taking them to market. they are now growing on the roadsides of north dakota. scientists worry they may create a hard to kill super weed. as for the genetically altered salmon, one question is on the table, will folks eat it and will they know what they're eating? the fda has to decide if the fish will carry a special label. lisa stark, abc news, washington. now that last line of the story, i think is what concerns a will the of people. the fda hasn't decided yet whether or not they are going to warrant a consumer whether they are eating a genetically
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altered fish, which is crazy. around here, that's a hot topic. we are pulling stuff out of the river and we are going to have meat loaf for dinner tonight. >> have vegetables. >> that's our two cents worth today. go to the facebook fan page and we are going to ask this question. would you eat any genetically altered food? kelly just wrote in, sad to say, but most of the food we eat already made in the lab. if i had my way, all organic natural all the time, but that's hard to do and it is expensive, unfortunately. and sheila writes in, i won't eat it. i'll become a vegetarian first. so if you would like to join the crowd, go on to our two cents page at wmar, the facebook fan page right there. and we'll share more of your comments the rest of the morning show. justin. >> well, if we could manufacture a day in the lab, it would be close to this. except for the chill we had this morning. check out our headlines and you
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may have slept through it, but a lot of spots this morning in the 40s, including 48 at bwi marshal. we have come back in a hurry and on this last full day of summer, we will maximize that sunshine and do the best we can to build back to near normal. how about a return to summer heat. even though autumn begins tomorrow. just check it out. this is in baltimore and you can see that sun coming up across north baltimore with 62 already on the thermometer. you'll notice 60 right now in owings mills. they were down in the 40s this morning. still a cool breeze. annapolis at the other harbor school now sitting currently at 64. we are moving up there and it will take all day to get us back into the upper 70s. but full sunshine, it won't be hard to do. a high pressure in control and a warmer air mass to the south. wait until you see this. even though there's a cold front that will spread moisture our way and give us threats of showers and storms, it's really about that warm wind, how warm
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was it? yesterday afternoon, while we were looking at temperatures in the 70s, not only the 90s, but memphis, tennessee, 100 degrees on the 20th of september? it doesn't sound right. tim over here working the cameras thinks that's a good time. for the rest of us, it may be tough to swallow and close to 90 before the week is done. currently 61, but once you see, we get out of this carved out cool air mass. that is just what is heading in our direction. otherwise, it's just a quiet weather pattern as we'll be watching energy to our north and otherwise keeping us with a warming trend here. our two degree guarantee this afternoon and back into the 50s. 58 about 10 degrees warmer than it was this morning by tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, we'll get back to 85. there's the warmup. we'll get warmer than that and check out that extended outlook coming up in the next half hour. we are concentrating on making sure your kids are safe.
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>> so coming up, the toddler years cause plenty of questions and decisions when it comes to safety. we have five tips to keep them secure while you're driving. >> and how to fight cancer straight on before your treatment and afterwards. we'll discuss oncology rehab when we come back. can you see me clearly? if not, you could have cloudy or blurry vision, we have dr. alder from the eye group offering help this morning. we'll be right back. tax on everything you buy?
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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you're watching the station that works for you. good morning maryland at 9:00. >> thanks for joining us on a tuesday morning. we don't want you to forget. we are counting down the days until the race for the cure is coming up. the race is set for sunday, october 3 in hunt valley. abc2 news will be on the air. and we want you to register and join us for the big race. that's the important stuff. head to our website, when you get there, look at the top of the home page. you'll see lifestyle, click on that and click on think pink. everyone knows someone suffering from it. a mother, a father, that's why october is breast cancer awareness month.
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there is so much help out there and sue is at the center treatment for america. that is a long title. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us. it's a pleasure being here. >> a will the of people hear about services, but not oncology rehab what is that? >> it's not something a cancer patient thinks of, it's important intervention that helps them to stay physically fit and independent throughout the course of treatment. >> because they need -- what exactly is it for? does it depend on the treatment? >> oncology rehabilitation helps address the affects from the cancer. cancers may cause you to have surgeries, different other radiation treatments and things of that nature. so there could be a lot of functional deficits that come along with it. >> we have been talking so much about breast cancer because breast cancer awareness month is upon us. and there's so many people who have it. we all know someone. in a situation with a patient
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who is dealing with breast cancer, maybe overcoming it. how would this benefit them? >> two important concerns that breast cancer patients have. that is about scar management. there are situations that can be very debilitating to their care and it can manage both. scar management can help patients who have restrictive scarring from the treatments they receive. get freer movement, be able to return to wearing undergarments in the case of breast cancer patients and overall, get a better cosmetic effect after their treatment. >> that's one of those things i don't think people think about very often is scar management. >> right. >> is that the majority of the patients? is that what they are coming in for? >> a good number do. we work closely with the surgeon and physician, so we start at the prosecuting attorney time. it's something breast cancer patients should know that it isn't something they should have to put up with. the tightness, the pain, the
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poor cosmetic. in an integrated cancer center, that oncology rehab is available to help with that. >> it has to be amazing to have somebody come in that has been through a devastating treatment and you are able to sort of get them into their every day life, because that's really what occupational therapy does. >> absolutely. not only are physical therapists along with speech, create relationships with their patients and help them through the trauma of this course of their treatment. >> and it has to be interesting, too, i imagine this is sort of where you would say, get on our website and do research for yourself. every cancer patient has a need. >> yes, absolutely. and they need that integrated care. they need all the arsenals to help them get back to where they want to be functionally, physically, emotionally, that whole body approach to help them fight the cancer and regain their life. >> it's interest l. it's one
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of those things i never thought of. give us your website. >> and reach us at 1-800-333-ctci. >> all the information is on your screen. if you missed it, we'll put it on our website. thanks for coming in. jamie. this is your real baltimore raven. this is con cor. when we come back, what's up on purple fridays at the zoo.
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now good morning maryland at 9:00. >> all right, amy from the maryland zoo joins us with conquer. this is a real baltimore raven. how are you? >> i'm great. >> it is purple fridays at the zoo. >> that's right. purple fridays at the zoo. if the ravens score a touchdown in the game the week prior. you get a dollar off and come out to the zoo and see rise and conquer. you can meet and greet them. if you can't meet them at the game, the home games we go to. >> these are the birds that show up at the home games. when we announce the birds are coming, i thought they were going to fly around the stadium. they come out and take in the
9:18 am
band and everything. >> they do a lot of meet and greets with the fans and the kids love them and the adults love them and they are asking questions about them and we don't fly them, because they are so happy watching everything. >> listen to this, these are hand raised. >> they are hand raised. i got them, i picked them up at the airport when they were about six weeks old and no one knew we had them. it was very secretive. they are like, what are you picking up? crows. i didn't tell them they were ravens. the team hadn't announced it, we hadn't announced it. they are very used to people. they are used to being in large crowds and small children. they used to perk on my son's bike. >> she used to pump up to loud rock. get them used to loud music. >> they had to be ready for the stadium. it was the only way we could prep them. we put them with loud animals, and left the music on for them
9:19 am
and they are so well adapted to the stadium. when we go in there, they are great for the hour and a half prior to the game. they are great at the game and into the stadium, we are in the end zone and people are screaming for ray lewis and the ravens think it's all for them. the ravens spend a lot of time cleaning their feathers off, so they are not stressed at all. they are enjoying it. i look over, they start getting heavy and conquer is always the first one to go. he's the most relaxed than rise and he is doing a head bob and i'm like, he is falling asleep. so that's usually when we roll out and take them home. >> do you ever get tired doing this? she goes eight hours. >> we do it all day long. we start on ravens walk if it's a 1:00 game. we are usually there from 10:00 to 11:30. get a little bit of a break before we go to the field and we are there until the end of
9:20 am
the game. so it's a long day and i took someone with me who had never done it before and she is like, my arm is getting tired. i was like, it's three hours. >> three pounds of feathers on your arm. they are very well adapted. we want people to come out and meet them because they will be around for a long time. we take them to schools and events. >> he doesn't like if you rub his belly. >> i'll come around. >> maybe on the back. >> easy, buddy. >> he's like, no. >> easy, buddy. >> they are really smart. you can see the northern ravens on exhibit across from the polar bears. he is a good defensiveman. he is very good at defense. you can come see them on grounds every purple friday. check the website and make sure they will be out. >> i hope for $14 less. >> wouldn't that be awesome? >> thank you from the maryland zoo, we'll see conquer at the game on sunday.
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> purple fridays, i love it. if jamie doesn't have a bird on her arm, it's a kid. you have to double check the safety of the seat. coming up, we'll shake sure your toddler is secure in that seat before you leave the driveway. >> and have you had your eyes checked? what you can do to avoid cadaracs ruining your vision. and we want to remind you, if you are looking for a job in this economy, we want to help you get back to work. every wednesday on good morning maryland at 9:00, we put three video resumes on the air. if you would like to see yours on the air, e-mail us with a microsoft word attachment. we'll call you in to tape a pitch and put that video not only on our website, but on the air. we'll be right back. everybody i talk to who's seen our tv
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you're watching the station that works for you. good morning maryland at 9:00. car and suv crashes are the leading cause of death for children ages 3 to 14 years old. this week is national child
9:25 am
passenger safety week. law enforcement and other organizations teamed up to educate parents on securing their children. in our take five series this week, we are offering tips on keeping your kids safe. today, abc2 news, sherrie johnson takes a look at five ways to secure your two to four- year-old. take a look. >> four-year-old, andrew roger and his mom are off to run some errands. first, we must make sure he is secure in his safety seat. lives have been saved by the proper use of child safety seats. during passenger safety week, triple-a is reminding parents and care givers to make sure children are secured properly in the correct seats every trip, every time. maro is the traffic safety manager for aaa. here are your tips. >> tip number one is, when you are restraining your toddler, you want to make sure that the seat itself is tight and to check for that, you want to pull right here near the belt
9:26 am
path, no more than one inch of movement and the harness strap is tight. if you can pinch the harness strap, that's way too loose and it is time to tighten it up. >> if you used your seat rear facing and you're going to turn it forward facing, it's important to remember that the seat cannot be in the recline mode. it has to be up right when the seat is forward facing. the third tip is, car seats don't last for ever. most seats have about a six to nine year life. so you can look for the sticker on the seat that tells you when the car seat was manufactured and then check the car seat manual to determine how long the manufacture recommends you keep that seat. remember to use the strap. these became available in about the year 2000 and they are going to prevent the upper portion of the car seat from forward movement. if you're going to use the
9:27 am
lower anchors to secure the child safety seat in your vehicle, make sure you check the vehicle owner manual to find out where the positions of those lower anchors are located. and then make sure that you also check the weight limit for that lower anchor so that the child is not too large for the anchors itself. secure your child properly in an age and size appropriate child safety seat in the backseat of your car is the most effective thing you can do to protect them in a crash. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and as part of child passenger safety week, the traffic safety manager for aaa will team up with baltimore county police and kids in safe seats, that goes from 1:00 until 5:00 today at the fire department for car safety seat checks. jamie. all right megan. dr. richard adler is with us today. every topic you bring is very interesting. we are going to talk about cataracts here. first off, describe a cataract. >> a cataract is a common
9:28 am
condition that affects millions of americans. oftentimes people have a misperception. they think it is a film over the eye. a lot of people think it's not. it's a change that occurred to the lens. the lens is inside the eye and with time, the lens becomes less clear than it was when you were 20 years old. it becomes yellowish and brown and that forms a cataract and creates visual problems. >> is there an age we should be concerned about it? you said it's not -- anybody can get these. >> technically, a cataract can occur at any age, but the most common form occurs later in life in middle age and thereafter. most commonly people in their 60s, 70s, and older. >> we are going to put the symptoms up on your screen here. read them with me. these are your cataract symptoms. cloudy or blurry vision. do you think you have something in your eye? >> a lot of times you say, why
9:29 am
aren't my glasses working? they are supposed to be the best prescription, but they aren't good enough. oftentimes it's not the glasses, it's the cataract. >> and oftentimes people don't realize that this may come to people's attention after the cataracts are removed. they will say, wow, i forgot how white white can be, but with the cataract, they can be faded. >> what about a glare? if you are at the stadium and see the glare of the score board. >> bright, sunny days. >> exactly. particularly at nighttime where people are driving, headlights, street lights, star burst effect, very common. >> how about poor night vision? >> absolutely. nighttime is the most common complaint that people have. they can't drive at night. >> it's double vision or multiple images. >> double vision is one of the more common causes. >> now what causes cataracts? >> well again, we are talking about the lens of the eye. and again, when you are 20 years old, that lens is crystal clear. with time, the proteins that
9:30 am
make up the lens change and gradually as a result of that, the lens becomes more dense and more brown in color or white in color and that can affect the clarity of one ice one's sight. >> exposure to what? >> one of the more common things is exposure to sunlight. that's probably the main culprit in worsening a cataract. everybody is going to get a cataract in their life. it happens to everyone. ultraviolet lights can do it. medical conditions, such as diabetes can accelerate the formation of cataracts. smoking is a big problem. that's one of the modifyable risk factors that people can do. >> how do you find out you have them? >> it requires a comprehensive eye exam. a visit with your ophthalmologist. we look in your eye with a special microscope that allows us to look at the color changes
9:31 am
in your lens and determine whether or not it's time to do something about it. >> you do this routinely. i mean, every time someone comes in. >> a routine eye exam will pick up a cataract. the determination can be made whether it is appropriate to proceed with treatment. >> all right dr. adler. good advice. >> good to see you. >> we are going to double team you in a couple weeks. >> every time he leaves, what about contacts? what about glasses? all right, big question this morning, who is going to stay and who is going to go after the first night of "dancing with the stars"? how the stars proved that you can't keep in the corner. plus, how a simple e-mail to the head of apple turned into a cyber war. steve jobs versus the college student. all right, after a morning that started in the 40s, the sun is doing its thing. we are up to 61 now. we have summer weather coming back and if you stay with us, we'll talk about how hot it's
9:32 am
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are you having a birthday? we want to know about it. send us a short e-mail with an attached photo. the and we'll put them on the air. >> you are having a birthday coming up soon. >> i am.
9:35 am
>> i'm so glad you said something. i won't forget. time for your futured events. you tell us what's going on and we let everyone else know. no woman, no cry. it's a premier of the supermodel. she has a documentary, an up close look at issues and challenges facing millions of women throughout the world. this is her debut. she shares the stories of at risk pregnant women. if you want to see the debut of this documentary, it's going to happen here in baltimore on the 25th of october at 7:00. brown center, which is on mount royal avenue. there's the information and the phone number to call. the 7th annual herring point cup race. dozens of boats handmade by chestertown residents with sails made out of large styrofoam cups. it is right there in chestertown and boats launched
9:36 am
from a floating pier. staff that come out to cheer on the boats and staff, then sits in row boats to capture the boats and crab nets. >> if you have something happening in your community, whether it is chestertown or baltimore, let us know about it. we would love to find out about it. all right, now to an elementary school in need. this is memphis, tennessee we are talking about. an elementary school is saying their students need a teacher on how to write we persuasive letters. >> here is steve olson. > it began with a homework assignment. >> hello. >> the fifth graders were told to write letters to captains of industry. >> the fifth grade -- >> they wrote ceo's and cfo's
9:37 am
and told them the abc's of attending school in inner city memphis. >> most of the books in my schools are falling apart. >> they never dreamed they would hear back, but they did. >> i walked in the library and saw so many books. on one big table and i was really astonished. >> first, large corporations started sending thousands of textbooks, then three new computer labs and more than $100,000 in new computers. the head of a sporting goods corporation sent them more than $30,000 worth of jump ropes and basketballs. they were still exercising in a basement that is also used as a storage room. trysten wrote the largest building in the world. they are now building the students a new $50,000 playground. >> the hardest part was
9:38 am
writing it neatly because we had to make sure it was almost perfect. >> they have to do more than just ask for things. they have to explain their need. this is where they plan to build the playground. the students wrote they needed more exercise. the head of the company told us he does read all his mail. >> i have a ten-year-old son, now 11, who is in 6th grade. when i read the letter, you know, it reminded me of the fact i have a fifth grader of my own. >> students feel fortunate that so many people cared and listened. they certainly learned the power of the pen. abc news, memphis. kids getting it done. >> that is something. well the first night of "dancing with the stars." the in the books. did you have a favorite? >> who did the jets not like and who will be in jeopardy of leaving in tonight's first elimination? and if you are an nypd blue
9:39 am
fan, you are going to like detroit 187. we are going to chat with the stars set to debut tonight here on abc2. tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense.
9:40 am
23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
9:41 am
the 11th season of "dancing with the stars" has begun and the dirty dancing star cleaned
9:42 am
up. meanwhile, three of the couples are tied for last place. so we turn to abc2 news to see who may go home tonight. >> actress jennifer grey and her partner are this week's judges favorite. scores triple-a's for the waltz. >> that is not the jennifer grey i met in rehearsal. that's what happened. >> one point behind the tie for 2nd, actress singer, branny. >> we are tied for second? >> next week we are going to be leading. >> i'm going to do a lot more listening to matt if we get voted. >> that's what they all say. >> i really mean it. >> one point behind them in fourth place, a competitive rick fox. >> i compete to win. we are looking for people to get behind us and be the best. >> audrina and her partner are
9:43 am
fifth. they are not alone, tied with kurt warner and his partner. >> i get to see smiling faces. she is willing to work as hard as i push her. we wanted to perform. we wanted to get that one under our belt and hopefully we'll be back next week and get another shot at it. >> bristol palin tied for seventh place. >> i'm definitely feeling more confident than i was three weeks ago and i think we are going to go up from here and i think it was a fun performance. i think we did well. >> biggest surprise of the night was the florence henderson splash. >> and someone had to take the situation down a notch. >> before we get to him, michael bolton landed in 9th place. >> i think one thing we've learned tonight is to relax and enjoy it and to smile. >> hoping to smile for another week, all tied for last,
9:44 am
scoring triple 5's. >> i gave everything that i had. >> i have courage to go out with five days of prep. >> and in heels and stones. >> i feel great. a lot of fun. >> so the dancing is done for week one, now it's him to worry because one of the 12 couples will not make it through to week two. we'll find out tonight on abc. in los angeles, for abc news. all right, who is your money on? who is going home? >> tonight, i think the situation goes home tonight. >> i say michael bolton. we'll see who is right. we'll see who goes home. the results show, the two-hour special starts at 8:00 followed by the debut of detroit 187 at 10:00. two cases of oxycontin missing. looks like a drug robbery gone bad. >> male was shot once in the
9:45 am
head. female victim was shot five times. >> maybe the guy was high. >> why doesn't she run? >> she had to have seen what happened. >> she knew him. she was trying to reason with him. >> we got a brand-new show. it's going to air here. it's called detroit 187. two of the stars join us right now for the big night. made in detroit, michael along with james joining us. we will remember him, of course from good fellas, starting it all off with james mcdaniel. gentleman, it was made in detroit, this is where the show is. how is it doing for the city? >> two cases of oxycontin missing. >> i think it's doing great, you know. they have a great incentive program and we are loving detroit and detroit is loving us. i mean, believe it or not, we love detroit. it's great to hear that the city is basically been criticized so much for what has
9:46 am
been going on here. once you get here, you find out that it is really a lovely, lovely town. >> i want to ask michael, 187, i'm going to ask you a stupid question. what does 187 stand for? >> that's a police code for homicide. >> and you are working there every day in detroit. what will detroit come away with? i know we have the wire here in baltimore. you have homicide here in baltimore. we took a few hits as far as our city's image was concerned. how do you feel detroit is going to make it through this show? >> went off in his pocket. >> i think they are going to be fine. i think we screened it last week for a lot of the city council members and they came away -- seemed very happy. it's a very fair portrayal of the city. it's very balanced in its, you know, dealing with not just one ethnicity or economic strata of society. there's a mixture of the places
9:47 am
that it explores and i think it shows the citizens resilience in the face of difficulty and their willingness enthusiasm in moving forward into the future. >> and you know, i went to high school in baltimore and i have to say that i think homicide and the wire, i think they are feather in the cap of baltimore more so than really, you know, detractions. >> let me ask you, since you were in nypd blue, this is a different cop show. how different is it from the rest of the cop shows we have seen? >> well, i mean, you know, one thing is, we have one of the greatest backdrops for a cop show ever. you know in detroit. you know. which comes with its own sound track, which is probably one of the greatest sound tracks ever.
9:48 am
you know, completely different writers, completely different characters. people used to say that i was james mcdaniel was so different than lieutenant arthur fancy on nypd blue. it is different from the character i'm playing. while detroit 187. >> all right, we'll be watching. detroit 187, thank you, james. thank you, michael. and again, it's going to be here on abc2. dance with the stars at 8:00 followed by detroit 1887 at 10:00. followed by abc2news at 11. >> that's a lot of tv watching tonight. what do you think that's going do for detroit? >> i don't know. i'm skeptical. we'll have to see. they say it's not going to be negative, but they say it's about homicides. so we'll have to wait and see. a college student couldn't get any response from the media folks of apple, so she decided to aim higher. how a simple e-mail to steve jobs turned into a war of
9:49 am
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now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> just minutes before 10:00. it's amazing what a couple hours can do with sunshine. this last few moments of summer. just want to stretch that out. exaggerate that as long as i can. we have ourselves a look, germantown with 65 by the water. hop across the bay to chestertown and looks like golds burro on that border with delaware. overall we are climbing through the 60s this morning. far cry from the 40s where most of us had started just a couple hours ago. it is all about that sunshine. it is a very quiet weather pattern. there is not much to talk about, except for the big warmup underway and as we build in some heat, we build in moisture. do try to fire up across the mountains. now they will stay to our west, but we have to introduce a chance of some of these across the mountains as we head into the afternoon.
9:53 am
watching, don't worry about it. probably going to stay dry for you and we talk about heat building in as we are watching the storms and more moisture past to our north. we get into that warm sector, which means if anything, just some scattered showers and thunderstorms and depending on how hot we do get. we talked about the heat, how about we give you numbers. first off today, near normal. waiting for sunshine. with temperatures back north and west, up in the hills of carol county, westminster should make it to 76. and normally insulated a little bit from these cold spells. temperatures on the eastern shore should get up to 80. i know some of you did get into the 40s away from the bay this morning, but you'll forget about that in a hurry. in fact, for tonight, we'll slip back to 48 degrees under a clear sky and about 10 degrees milder than it was just this morning and look at the bounce off the bottom. tomorrow we go for the first day of autumn and a high of 85. and we'll go higher than that with lows in the 60s.
9:54 am
up to 87 on thursday. introduce a chance of shower or thunderstorm as we head through friday. we could very well approach 90 degrees and then we'll slide back a little bit and bring us back to reality and then some. by sunday and monday, the chance of light rain moves in and highs both days back into the lower 70s. back to you. we have a cyber war of worlds. steve jobs makes it a habit of answering random e-mails from customers. >> maybe he should have hit delete on this one. when a student got under his skin. instead, abc2 news tells us, jobs fired back. >> in this corner worth $5.5 billion, the father of the ipod iphone and ipad. apple ceo, steve jobs. and in this corner, a college senior, chelsey. it all started when she was working on an assignment on the use of ipads and academic settings. she reached out to apple's
9:55 am
media relations department. when no one responded, chelsey went straight to the top, writing to steve jobs himself. she wrote -- >> the completion of this article is crucial to my grade in the class. my deadline is tomorrow. >> half hour later, this response from jobs. our goals do not include helping you get a good grade. sorry. chelsey jabs back. >> i never said that your goal should be to help me get a good grade. rather, i politely asked why your media relations team does not respond to e-mails. >> now jobs turn. we have over 300 million users and we can't respond to their requests unless they involve a problem of some kind. sorry. >> and chelsey's turn. >> i am one of your 300 million users and number two, i do have a problem. i need answers that only apple media relations can answer. now can they kindly respond to my request, my polite and
9:56 am
friendly voice can be heard in the first five or ten messages in their inbox. please, i am on deadline. >> then finally, the knockout blow from jobs. please leave us alone. please leave us alone? what kind of language is that from a corporate titan? >> maybe all these college students send e-mails trying to get quotes will stop. >> apple's decline to comment on this story. and while e-mailed steve jobs for his reaction, he didn't write back. john burman, abc news. >> yikes. >> wow. do you think he really wrote that or somebody else did? >> i don't know. you would think he has an assistant responding to e- mails. >> if you saw him at that last press conference where they had to give those free cases out for the antenna, he wasn't happy and he made it clear. he may have a temper on him.
9:57 am
>> perhaps. >> hopefully she got a good grade. >> that is a great story. >> that's a good teacher's excuse. watch the news. the whole thing is on there. >> good for her. that's all for us here on good morning maryland at 9:00. enjoy your tuesday. >> and friday is going to be 90. >> too late for that. we'll see you tomorrow. good morning!
9:58 am
9:59 am
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